Emotion Coaching

Researchers have found that even more than your IQ, your emotional awareness and your ability to handle feelings (or emotional intelligence) will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships. Many organisations now include emotional intelligence in their leadership programs.

Emotion coaching is an easy-to-learn approach that can assist in establishing respectful communication, build emotional intelligence, and enrich family and working relationships. By developing an emotionally supportive foundation, you will be much more successful at setting limits and problem solving.

Failure to understand and effectively respond to the different emotions we experience often manifests in withdrawal from valued relationships, outbursts and aggression, or bullying in workplaces.

Research shows that the children of parents with emotion-coaching skills are able to regulate their own emotional states, calm themselves, and bounce back from disappointment. They tend to think logically, engage in problem solving, and be better prepared for situations in school requiring academic performance.

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