Relationships and "marriages go wrong when men and women fail to acknowledge, or begin to resent, each other's complementary differences" (Moir & Jessel, 1993: 140).

Men and women tend to value events and objects differently, and so bring different perspectives and skills to relationships and parenting. If we are aware that men and women do place different meanings on events and objects for their own logical reasons, we can develop respect for these different approaches.

Showing respect for other's views is vitally important for successful negotiation of day-to-day issues. Generally, if people feel as if they are understood, they then feel more comfortable to negotiate to reach a compromise.

There are a number of approaches to assist couples to establish (or re-build) respectful communication and clear boundaries in their relationships. Click to download Word documents on:

Brain Differences
Control and Aggression
Appropriate Assertiveness
Reclaiming Your Relationship Time
Self-Defense Mechanisms
Structured Separation & Divorce
Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
The Three Stages of Intimacy
Understanding Sexual Feelings